Innovative English Language Teaching for Primary Students

The project focuses on encouraging EdUHK students’ integration into regional education communities by enriching their learning experience outside the Hong Kong context. Six BEd(EL) student teachers and two MATESOL students were given opportunities to apply their pedagogical learning in coursework to real practice. Their task was to develop resources for the teaching of readers, grammar, vocabulary and phonics. Selected materials were tried out in Nanhai Experimental Primary School, Foshan. Another feature of the project is the inclusion of two past project team members, who are now school teachers in Hong Kong, as peer observers in Foshan. The professional dialogues between the school teachers of the two regions, student teachers, and academics of EdUHK encouraged the innovative and critical thinking of all the parties involved.

Project Team

Principal Supervisor: Dr. Lee, Fung King Jackie, Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies


Dr. Chen, Hsueh Chu Rebecca, Associate Professsor of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies

Dr. Ma, Qing Angel, Associate Professsor of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies

Team Members: 6 Bachelor of Education (English Language) student teachers and 2 MATESOL students

Cheng, Baoqiong Paula                     Li, Zijia Sharon

Liu, Yihan Elaine                                  Jiang, Zhengxin Janet

Ma, Shiu Kuk Jason                            Poon, Ka Chun Jason

Zheng, Shuping Nichole                   Zhu, Yi Chloe

Research Assistant: Li, Shi Liz

          Our Reader Lessons


We would like to express our gratitude to Nanhai Experimental Primary School, China, which allowed us to try out the lesson plans of four selected readers with their students. 

This project was supported by the Knowledge Transfer Fund of the Education University of Hong Kong, and the Department Research Initiative Fund of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies.