Lesson/Unit Summary: The lesson is designed to help students distinguish the form and usage of gerunds and infinitives. A story about Snoopy, Charlie and Lucy is presented as the context. After reading an email between Snoopy and Charlie, students are engaged in a guided noticing activity to examine the text more closely in order to find examples of gerunds and infinitives, and the verbs preceding them. The lesson ends with a dictogloss activity, which allows students to reconstruct a short text about Snoopy, with the aim to consolidate their learning of the verb combinations.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Lesson Duration: 65 mins

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

1. Distinguish the forms of gerunds and infinitives;

2. Name some verbs that are followed by a gerund or an infinitive;

3. Distinguish the difference between a bare infinitive and a to-infinitive;

4. Use gerunds and infinitives appropriately to complete texts.

Lesson Plan: Gerunds and Infinitives (Senior Primary)

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