Lesson/Unit Summary: This unit aims to help senior primary students acquire knowledge about “fire uses” and “fire safety”. This unit is comprised of three parts, with the first part focusing on reader comprehension and vocabulary teaching, the second part on grammar teaching about imperatives, and the third part on rhyming words associated with /ʊ/ and /ɒ/.

In part 1, with the teacher’s guidance, students will demonstrate an understanding of the reader ‘I am Fire’ from the following three aspects, namely, fire uses, fire prevention and fire escape. Students grasp the meanings of 10 target verbs about fire uses (heat, warm, light) and fire safety (prevent, practice, crawl, stop, drop, roll, smother), and play a Bingo Game for vocabulary consolidation. To increase students’ learning interest and consolidate their knowledge about fire safety, students are invited to sing a “fire song” with stamping and clapping.

Part 2 focuses on grammar teaching about imperatives. An inductive learning approach is adopted: students are required to complete two columns of dos and don’ts about fire prevention, and then discover the structures of positive and negative imperatives. Students are also shown a video to further raise their awareness of fire safety and to practise imperatives in a meaningful context. Students’ learning is then extended to other contexts, such as road safety and school safety, and they are expected to use imperatives to design a poster about safety measures.

Part 3 focuses on pronunciation. It allows students to learn how to change the beginning letter(s) to form rhyming words through a spelling game. To consolidate students’ learning, the teacher could show students how to write a rhyming poem on /ʊ/ and /ɒ/.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Duration: 145 minutes

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the unit, students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the reader “I am Fire‟ and a video about fire safety; 2. Read the reader aloud fluently; 3. Use the 10 targeted verbs to talk about fire uses (heat, warm, light) and fire safety (prevent, practice, crawl, stop, drop, roll, smother); 4. Design a poster and demonstrate safety awareness; 5. Form rhyming words (e.g. got, lot) by changing the beginning letter(s)

Lesson Plan: I Am Fire

Teaching Materials:


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I Am Fire