Adjectives of Countries

Lesson/Unit Summary: Students are first introduced to the grammar point through a reading text about ‘Food around the World’. They are asked to notice the suffixes associated with different country names in the formation of country adjectives. Since junior primary students are not familiar with the term ‘suffix’, the abstract concept is presented graphically: a flower being the root of the country name, and the leaf being the suffix of its adjective. For the adjectives that do not have an explicit suffix (e.g. Thai, French), animation which shows the growth of the cartoon character Pokémon is used to appeal to the young learners. The unit ends with the design of ‘My dream food court’. The activity involves a familiar context ‘the food court’ where country adjectives are typically used to describe cuisines from different parts of the world. . This task not only allows students to use the target structure freely but also lets them see how English learning is related to their daily lives.

Level of Students: Junior Primary

Lesson Duration: 105 mins (3 lessons)

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

1. Tell the adjectives of country names and the nationalities by adding the appropriate suffix.

2. Use the adjectives of country names to write about their dream food court serving food from different countries. 

Lesson Plan: Adjectives of Countries (Junior Primary)

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