Lesson/Unit Summary: The lesson aims at developing students’ awareness of the verb patterns associated with gerunds and to-infinitives. Online dictionaries provide resources for learners to discover the verb combinations. A series of animations describing people’s experiences are shown to help learners master the usage of the target verbs “remember”, “forget”, “regret” and “stop”. YouTube videos are also used to maintain learner interest. The final writing activity on “The Most Unforgettable Moment” allows students to use the target verb patterns to describe their own life experiences. The extended task, which requires students to conduct research on mental/physical illnesses, provides further opportunities for students to use the target language to describe real-life experiences.

Level of Students: Junior Secondary

Lesson Duration: 65 mins

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 

1. Identify verbs that are followed by gerunds / to-infinitives;

2. Demonstrate an understanding of the different meanings gerunds and to-infinitives make following verbs such as forget, remember, regret and stop;

3. Complete a video commentary using appropriate gerunds and to-infinitives;

4. Write a text on “An Unforgettable Moment’ using the target structures.

Lesson Plan: Gerunds and Infinitives (Junior Secondary)

Teaching Materials: 

Useful Websites:


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