present tense

Lesson/Unit Summary:  Building on students’ prior learning about the uses of the present tense to talk about weekly activities in the lower primary level, this unit for senior primary students focuses on the use of adverbs of frequency to describe habitual activities. To make the learning process more interesting, the lessons include a range of audio-visual aids such as PowerPoint slides, songs and videos. The topics chosen are related to students’ own daily lives. Students are asked to conduct an interview with their classmates to find out each other’s weekly activities and the frequencies. They then have to conduct a class survey to find out the most popular weekly activities among themselves.  

Level of Students: Senior Primary 

Lesson Duration: 105 minutes (3 lessons, each lesson is around 35 minutes)

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Use adverbs of frequency (sometimes, always, never, usually, often and seldom) to talk about how frequently they do an activity.
  2. Use the simple present tense to ask and describe habitual actions “How often do you ___________?” “I (adverbs of frequency) _____________________”. 

Lesson Plan: Present tense (Senior Primary)

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