Lesson/Unit Summary: Using possessive pronouns my / your / his / her / our / theirits to demonstrate ownerships is the main focus of this lesson. The language input is presented in a story about the Simpson family, and students are guided to distinguish between subject pronouns and possessive pronouns as found in two different versions of the same story. Internet resources are used to maintain students’ interest. They are shown a video on Gogo and his friends before completing a language exercise related to the video clip. The lesson ends with an information gap activity, in which students have to exchange information to identify the owners of the items found in the Simpson family.

Level of Students: Junior Primary

Lesson Duration: 45 mins

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: 

1. Distinguish the difference between subject pronouns and possessive pronouns;

2. Use possessive pronouns my your / his / her / our / their / its to demonstrate ownerships

Lesson Plan: Possessive Pronouns (Junior Primary)

Teaching Materials: 

Useful Websites:


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