Lesson/Unit Summary:  In this lesson, the song “My Love Will Get You Home” is used as the language input. Learning through the repetitive melody and lyrics, students can easily remember the form of the Type 1 Conditional. Consciousness-raising activities are conducted to highlight the meaning and the structure. To make the learning interesting, Teacher asks students to guess what the superstitious beliefs will be in some given situations.  Students then watch a short video about Western superstitions, and have to complete the conditional sentences based on what they watch. The video can link the target grammar item with students’ personal experience. Finally, students are required to use the target structure to rewrite the song on topics such as Chinese superstitions, students’ misbehaviours or any creative ideas.

Level of Students: Junior Secondary

Lesson Duration: 55 mins

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Tell the meaning and the form of the first conditional
  2. Use the first conditional to rewrite the song lyrics of ‘My love will get you home’ on topics such as misbehaviors at school, superstitions or other self-chosen topics  

Lesson Plan: Type 1 Conditional

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