Lesson/Unit Summary: These two lessons aim at helping students use the eight target phrasal verbs correctly in context. The 1st lesson makes use of a reading passage about a familiar cartoon character, Nemo, to help students understand the meanings of the selected phrasal verbs. The use of interactive PowerPoint presentation and pot-flower symbolic representation of the “verb + particle” phrasal verb structure could arouse learner interest and make the abstract grammatical concept more accessible. The 2nd lesson aims at developing students’ competence in using the target phrasal verbs to write a short story about a fictional character. Instructional scaffolding through story reading and class discussion is carefully designed to prepare students for the writing.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Lesson Duration: 85 mins (2 lessons)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lessons, students will be able to: 

1. Show an understanding of the meanings and usage of the target phrasal verbs;

2. Use the target phrasal verbs to describe actions;

3. Use the target phrasal verbs to write a story

Lesson Plan: Phrasal Verbs (Senior Primary)

Teaching Materials: 

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