Lesson/Unit Summary: 

This unit (secondary level) aims to help learners develop competence to report statements and questions in meaningful contexts. This unit is comprised of three lessons, with the first two lessons (junior secondary) focusing on reporting statements and questions and the last lesson (senior secondary) focusing on the use of reported speech to write news stories.

To increase learning interest, the language input developed for this lesson is about what happened to Doraemon’s family. The lesson adopts an inductive learning approach. Students have to complete guided questions to discover the different structures of direct speech and reported statements, as found in the dialogues between Doraemon’s family members. To make the learning close to students’ life experience, the theme “office gossip” is chosen for the second half of the lesson. Audio-visual aids are used to show how gossip is spread in the office, and students are given opportunities to spread ‘gossip’ using reported speech. Finally, the game Chinese whispers is played to reinforce students’ learning in a fun way.

Level of Students: Junior Secondary

Lesson Duration: 90 mins

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to 

1. Differentiate between reported speech and direct speech by comparing their features and use;

2. Rewrite sentences in direct speech into reported speech by changing the pronouns, verb tenses and time words;

3. Use reported speech to report what others say.

Lesson Plan: Reported Speech (Junior Secondary)

Teaching Materials: 

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