Lesson/Unit Summary: The Bad Good Manners Book is a reader about good and bad manners at home. After the lessons, students are expected to be able to use imperatives to describe good and bad manners in different places, and become familiar with the pronunciation of words spelt with “oo” and “ee”. The reading strategy of predicting the content is practised. Students are expected to guess from picture hints what the text may be. Inductive instruction is also applied to help students understand the imperative structure. Students are guided to notice how the rules in the reader are written and how to use positive and negative imperatives to describe manners. The final extended task allows students to produce a manners list in public places using the imperative structure learnt. As for pronunciation, students are guided to identify the words spelt with “oo” and “ee” and learn how to pronounce them accurately through games.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Duration: 165 minutes

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of the unit, students should be able to:

1. use positive and negative imperatives to describe good and bad manners;
2. recognize and pronounce vowel digraphs (“ee” and “oo”);
3. use pictures to predict the content of the text

Lesson Plan: The Bad Good Manners Book

Teaching Materials:


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The Bad Good Manners Book