Lesson/Unit Summary: This unit aims at developing students’ competence of using the modal verb “may” to ask for permission and “should” to talk about obligations. It also aims to raise students’ safety awareness. The unit consists of three lessons. In Lesson 1, Reader’s Theatre is used to promote students’ interest in reading and to let them demonstrate an understanding of the reader. Their attention is then drawn to the rhyming pairs, which are the linguistic features of this book. In Lesson 2, students are encouraged to notice how Small Bear in the reader asked for permission. A video is shown to illustrate the use of “May I”. Through a competition, students are invited to ask for permission in as many ways as possible in the given scenarios. In Lesson 3, students watch a video and talk about more safety rules of cycling using “should” and “shouldn’t”. To extend students’ learning and to further strengthen their safety awareness, selected videos are shown as input for students to design a poster about the safety rules of a particular activity chosen by them.

Level of Students: Senior Primary (P.4 and P.5)

Duration: 105 minutes + 50 minutes + 90 minutes

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of Lesson 1, students should be able to:

1. demonstrate an understanding of the story by role playing the bike learning scenes;
2. identify the rhyming pairs in the text

By the end of Lesson 2, students should be able to use the pattern “May I …?” to ask for permission.

By the end of Lesson 3, students should be able to:

1. develop a sense of safety;
2. use the modal verb “should (not)” to write a list of precautionary or safety acts on a poster.

Lesson Plan: The Bike Lesson

Teaching Materials:


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The Bike Lesson