Lesson/Unit Summary: The lesson aims at developing students’ competence in using comparative adjectives to make comparison of places and food items. Based on the theme of travelling in Hong Kong, students are introduced to two text types – travel magazine articles and restaurant reviews. The activities require students to compare some shopping districts, theme parks and restaurants in order to recommend some places for tourists to visit. The follow-up activity requires students to choose their own favourite food items, compare them and introduce them to tourists. Through a series of speaking, listening, reading and writing practice, students will be able to use comparative adjectives to encode comparisons in their daily lives.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Lesson Duration: 50 minutes

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this unit, students should be able to:

  • Identify the number of syllables of adjectives
  • Tell the forms of comparatives (“-er” and “more + adjective”) and how they are related to the number of syllables of the adjectives
  • Use comparative adjectives to make comparison of two restaurants and two food items

Lesson Plan: Comparatives (Senior Primary)

Teaching Materials:

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