modal verbs

Lesson/Unit Summary: The lessons aim at teaching senior primary students to express obligations through the use of modal verbs “must / must not”. Given the context of following the signs in parks and in school picnics, students learn how to talk about rules using the sentence structure “We must/ must not…” in speaking and writing. The various activities designed in this unit, such as a matching game, a role-play activity and a group writing task, offer students diversified learning experiences. The follow-up activity allows students to reflect on their daily lives and think critically about the rules that they would like to make. This could enhance their awareness of how grammar and the English language are related to their daily lives.  The topic about signs and rules can be presented as a cross-curricular topic for General Studies to heighten students’ civic sense.

Level of Students: Senior Primary

Lesson Duration: 80 mins (2 lessons)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lessons, students will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the verb phrases (feed the animals, touch the animals, pick the flowers, spit, talk on the phone, litter, push, line up) and match them with the appropriate signs;

2. Use the sentence structure “We must/ must not…” to express obligations;

3. Show heightened civic sense to become responsible citizens.

Lesson Plan: Modal Verbs (Senior Primary)

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