Lesson/Unit Summary: The unit consists of three lessons, with the first one targeting at junior primary students and the other two targeting at senior primary students. In Lesson 1, students listen to the song Hokey Pokey and notice the imperative verb forms. Students are then engaged in a listen-and-do activity, which involves body movements and instruction following. Lesson 2 focuses on giving directions. To find their favourite cartoon characters at Disneyland Park, students have to read maps and exchange information. The task offers students opportunities to be engaged in genuine and meaningful communication. In Lesson 3 students are presented with a procedure text, a text-type in which imperatives are typically used. The teacher co-constructs a procedure text on how to make a paper cat face with the class. Students are then asked to write a procedure text to show the class how to make a thing of their own choice. Through a series of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, students learn how to use imperatives appropriately in their daily lives.

Level of Students:

  • Junior Primary (L1)
  • Senior Primary (L2&3)

Lesson Duration: 60 mins (L1)  105 mins (L2&3)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lessons, students will be able to: 

1. Identify and use the correct form of imperative verbs (infinitives);

2. Use imperatives correctly to give instructions;

3. Identify and use the correct form of imperative verbs;

4. Read maps and give directions using imperatives;

5. Demonstrate an understanding of using the base verb forms to write imperatives;

6. Write a procedure text on how to make a thing.

Lesson Plan: 

Teaching Materials: 

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